Collection: Alchemeat

 Dr. Huan Xia, CEO & Founder of Alchemeat

When I began my plant-based diet, I realized one of the biggest challenges vegans face: giving up whole cut meat and finding a delicious and nutritious source of plant-based protein. I searched through supermarkets and restaurants and found a few ground-meat alternatives, but no one was attempting whole cut plant-based protein. That’s why I created ALCHEMEAT: to forge science and humanity into extraordinary, plant-based meats for all.

Did you know that Americans eat over 66 billion pounds of whole cut meat every year, with enormous cost to our environment and our health? That’s why ALCHEMEAT is transforming the meat industry with the world’s first commercially viable and scalable, whole-cut beef made entirely from natural plant-based proteins.

Our patented technology achieves even greater taste and texture of real animal muscle without the need for expensive and time-consuming genetic engineering or lab grown meats. With a variety of delicious and nutritious flavors and recipes, ALCHEMEAT presents a huge opportunity to not only improve vegan lifestyles, but to also make healthy, plant-based living easy and affordable for everyone.