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Poor Vida

Poor Vida Tropical Thai Hot Sauce

Poor Vida Tropical Thai Hot Sauce

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I knew 2 things when I was kicking around ideas to make the third Poor Vida Hot Sauce. It had to have a significant color difference that the other 2, and it had to have some sort of theme to it.

I had toyed with the idea of doing all “drink” flavors… Cherry Limeade, Pina Colada maybe? Pomegranate Ghost wasn’t a drink theme though, but I did like the idea of pineapple and coconut. I had some yellow chilis on hand, but they had next to no heat.

I did have some Thai Chili Peppers though, and even though they weren’t quite yellow (more orangish and green), I would only need a small amount because they are HOT. So I dove into making something like a pina colada. I swapped out the olive oil for coconut oil, threw in some fresh pineapple, and we were nearly there.

I decided not to call it pina colada, and lean into the Thai Chilis a bit more, and I love alliteration… lol. Tropical Thai just needed a bit more fruit, so a bit of apple juice and orange juice, and a new themed hot sauce was created.

              – Colin

• Intense Flavor, Mild Heat Profile
• Pineapple Tropical Flavor Base
• Thai Chile (Bird’s Eye) Peppers
• Great With Pad Thai and Pork
• Sweet (But Not Too Sweet) Heat
• 100% Vegan Friendly
• Recyclable & Sustainable Packaging
• Natural Ingredients, No Preservatives or Artificial Flavors

Taster Size: 0.5 oz packet
Spice : Moderate
Salt : Moderate
Sweet :
Uses : Poultry, Beef and Seafood
Other flavor and texture notes : 

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Founder Story

The Inside (Job?) Story

Poor Vida has a long history in Dallas, originating in the early 2000’s as a hip hop / drum and bass record label with members of an even earlier group (DAP, Dirty Alien Project) at the helm. For 10 or so years, Poor Vida produced music and promoted and produced hip hop and drum and bass events across Texas, and occasionally around the country. Google Poor Vida Productions and Elements of Hip Hop for a quick background.

And then… ?

Poor Vida officially closed up shop somewhere around 2014. Since then, we have sat on the IP and accounts and domains, occasionally bringing sites back to life for various purposes. During Covid, one of the original Poor Vida (and DAP) members, Colin, started making salsas and hot sauces, exclusively for personal use. After posting a photo on Facebook in November of 2022 of a recent batch, the feedback and interest was enough to kickstart a new idea… Poor Vida Hot Sauce.

Well, that’s interesting I guess?

Thanks! We thought so too. Hip Hop Hot Sauce. Maybe that will be a thing. Or maybe that part of it is just going to live on this page alone. Maybe you should sign up for out Hottest News (letter) and see if we decide to Put Some Sauce on local rappers. Probably not though… (3 months later EDIT – yeah, we did it. Check them out)

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To purchase full size bottle of sauce directly from the manufacturer click here

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Ingredients List

Ingredients : White Wine Vinegar, Yellow Chili Peppers, Water, Fresh Pineapple, Fresh Pear, Yellow Thai Chili Peppers, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Coconut Oil, Lime Juice, Cilantro, Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Xanthan Gum


Nutrition Label

Nutrition Facts Servings: about 1


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