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Chicago BBQ Sauce Sampler Box

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What is a Chicago-style BBQ Sauce? Unlike a Memphis-style sauce that has her vinegar-forward flavor, and a Kansas City-style that has her sweet molasses based sauces, Chicago-style sauces are well-balanced, with moderate heat and sweetness, and a bit of tang. It is a versatile sauce that goes with most everything.


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Chocolate C’s Honey BBQ Sauce is a touch of honey blended perfectly with chocolate. Low Spice, Moderate Sweetness and Smooth Texture and a thicker viscosity at room temperature. Best served warm!

Old Arthur's Mild BBQ Sauce is rich and tangy with a hint of hickory and just the right amount of kick. It has a Low Spice, Low Sweetness, a Smooth Texture and a thinner viscosity.


Uncle Earl's BBQ & Blues Southern Classic BBQ Sauce has a unique texture due to the herbs and spices used. It has a Moderate Spice, Low Sweetness and a Varied Texture due to the spices used. It also has a moderate viscosity.


Chicago Sauces Original BBQ Sauce has a thicker texture with a unique blend of herbs and spices. It has Low Spice, Moderate Sweetness and a moderate viscosity.