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Some of my favorite memories from when I was growing up involved cooking with my mom and grandma, and food played an important role in almost all my favorite childhood memories. For example, I always loved eating breakfast with my grandma. We would eat pumpernickel toast with mustard, and as simple as that meal was, it opened up my palate to the world of sauces and flavorings.

Although I don’t remember the first recipe I learned to make, it was probably a casserole. My mom and grandma always made a lot of casseroles, and I love making them to this day. I love the idea that you can find whatever’s in your pantry and put it together to make something that tastes amazing.

That’s why I decided to start making and selling my own sauces. Because I know the importance of having high-quality ingredients in your pantry so you can make delicious casseroles or stir-fries. With the right sauce, you can make almost anything taste amazing without spending hours in the kitchen.

These days, my favorite thing to cook is anything new. I love trying new recipes and experimenting with different flavors, and that includes playing around with new sauce flavors. I came up with my Chipotle Strawberry Peach sauce because I was eating strawberries one day and I thought, “What if…?”

I’ve always cared more about how things taste than how they look. Whether your dish is slathered in sauce or artfully arranged, it should be delicious, and that’s my goal with Chicago Sauces. You can see for yourself by ordering your sauce today. 

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