Summer Grilling-Ribs with Tandoori BBQ Sauce

Summer Grilling-Ribs with Tandoori BBQ Sauce

We're super excited that grilling season is here! (Although, tbh, at our place every season is set up for grilling!) This summer we're hitting the outdoor market circuit and introducing our Tandoori BBQ Sauce to new faces. This is a perfect base for grilling or baking your choice of meats. We're sharing an oven recipe for pork Ribs and hope you enjoy!


Kirkland Signature Pork Side Ribs St Louis Style [Comes in a pack of 3 racks, we used 1 Rack (about 2 lbs) ]

1 large onion (sliced thick)-for prep

2 lemons (sliced) -for prep 

1 cup water 

Foil (for covering and lining) 

1 8 oz. bottle Serangoon Market Tandoori BBQ Sauce

X-Large baking sheet (line with foil) 

Rib prep/Cook

Pre-heat Oven to 350 F

  • Lay out 1 rack of ribs on baking sheet, arrange sliced onions and lemons on top, pour water over ribs and cover with foil 
  • 45 min bake in oven to infuse flavors and render out some fat.


  • Remove from oven, discard onions and lemons and baste with Tandoori BBQ sauce (about 1/2 jar), spritz with water 
  • Put back in oven for about 15 mins and remove again to baste with remainder of sauce, spritz again (Repeat this step over 1.5 hours) 
  • Use a temperature probe to check internal temps and texture, aiming for FINAL temps between 198 F-203 F (low and slow method used here) 
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