Old Arthur's Cauliflower Steak

Old Arthur's Cauliflower Steak

This recipe was developed by our student team from Loyola University Chicago's Dietetics Internship program.

Ingredients :

1 Cauliflower head sliced from crown to make 3 steaks
1.5 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 Taster Pack of Old Arthur's Gold Dust dry rub
.5 Tbsp minced parsley


Recipe :

1. Preheat flat-top griddle or outdoor grill to medium heat ~350 F.

2. Rinse cauliflower head and remove stem and leaves

3. Stand cauliflower on its base, slicing lengthwise through core yield 2-3 ½ inch thick steaks (cross section of entire head)

4. Brush both sides with olive oil

5. Generously coat with Old Arthur’s Gold Dust Dry Rub

6. Place on heated grill or griddle, cooking one side for 5-6 minutes or until it begins to char. Flip and repeat for 5-6 minutes until both sides begin to crisp

7. Mince parsley and garnish, if desired

8. Cover and keep hot for service or use as directed in recipe.

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