The journey..

We are almost to our launch, what an incredible journey so far! We thought it a good time to lay out our vision for this startup. Many years down the road, after success, it is critical for organizations to sense-check against their initial intentions, always accepting that pivots will and must happen as market circumstances dictate.

However, the vision, the purpose of an organization ought to remain constant. As a mentor advised us - find your north star, and make sure everything you do is aligned to that.

Our purpose is to enable small manufacturers, often, manufacturers from underserved communities. The larger, well resourced companies have several avenues to customer acquisition, but this is an existential question for small manufacturers. It is the perpetual chicken and egg question. Viability (at a product and company level) requires customer buy-in, but customers need an "already viable" product. Put another way, how do you order a sufficient batch of product (given high minimum order quantities required by co-manufacturers) without a customer base?

We want to be the answer to this eternal question. A small investment on our platform, allows a CPG business test their concept in the market much like a SaaS business can. Experimentation may lead the manufacturer to tweak the product and formulation to match market expectations, which mitigates the risk inherent in a product launch.

By enabling this, we enable these manufacturers to survive and to thrive! We've had incredible conversations (already) with small manufacturers on the edge of despair trying to figure out how to move forward, and they truly appreciated what we had to offer.

To do good, while building a business, now there's a purpose! To put it into words - Our purpose is to enable small manufacturers acquire customers at a low cost (with a low out of pocket), while allowing consumers to discover new and exciting flavors.

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