Press Release - NakiNoku introduces sample boxes supporting Black and Women-owned brands

We're proud to announce our sample boxes supporting Black and Women owned brands. NakiNoku was founded with the vision of leveling the playing field and enabling small brands to compete on taste. 

Most often, the war for retail shelf space is won by brands with packaging and marketing prowess, in other words, well resourced national brands. Small minority and women owned brands struggle to stand out in this crowded field. But we can compete on taste - it is our passion!

NakiNoku is enabling these incredible entrepreneurs to do just that, creating a sample box of black and women owned brands. We believe that together, we can change the industry statistics around failure rates of minority and women owned brands. We encourage you to support these incredible entrepreneurs by purchasing their products and following on social media.

Taste 6 different varieties of BBQ Sauce, BBQ rubs and garbanzo-based bean butter all for just $9.99 shipped to your door, available now!

See below for our press release, and please support us by getting the word out!

Press Release