NakiNoku was founded on our personal experience of being a small business manufacturer of thai curry sauces.

We found that consumers, when faced with too many choices, typically went with the "known quantity", usually a well known and resourced brand, or a very niche product (e.g. Keto-friendly). The majority of manufacturers are not given an opportunity to compete for consumer's grocery dollars.

Our Solution

NakiNoku allows consumers to discover new CPG (packaged food) products (starting with BBQ sauces, Hot Sauces, Coffee and Spice Rubs). We do this by creating sample sized packages of CPG products typically sold in full serving sizes (e.g. BBQ sauce with an average retail size of 16oz or larger). The CPG marketplace is trending towards small and local manufacturers. This has resulted in a proliferation of emerging food brands in the marketplace, competing for limited customer spend and retail shelf space. However, there has been limited innovation in the area of product discovery.

Our values

We empower small businesses to compete, while enabling customers to discover new and exciting flavors, in a sustainable way. This is our mission, and we would love for you to join us.


BBQ Sauce Sampling Requirement Calculator